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Joseph Kellner Salon

7335 West Sand Lake Road - Suite 25 - Orlando, Florida 32819

Hair designer, hair-colorist, corrective colorist, makeup artist!  I am located in the Dr. Phillips/Windermere are in Orlando at the Rialto Plaza.  Corrective hair color is my speciality.  Makeup services are available at the hair salon for special occasions and I use all MAC makeup products for my applications.  I use Goldwell, Scruples, Artego hair color for my hair color services. I have 27 years of experience as a corrective hair colorist and hair designer. Please feel free to browse my website for any information on hair color, makeup advice and my Before and After pages.  Also there are links on this page for my blogs, and if you are interested in finding more tips on hair color, hair care, and makeup.  

 I am also a full time professional makeup artist and stylist for print and film. Please feel free to read our reviews!,,, She Knows Magazine,



  Congradulations to Joseph Kellner Salon, named #1 Hair Color on the 2013 Orlando A-List.





If Looks Could Thrill
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If Looks Could Thrill is my new e-book! This book covers Hair care, Hair Color, Makeup Advice for the beauty addict! The book was made for the you the consumer.  There are many tips to help you maintain your hair color and makeup  for your professional day at work to evening looks. Hair care advice is also a good topic. With lots of everyday home hair care treatments for keeping the shine and optimum condition of colored treated hair.  If Looks Could Thrill sells on, at the affordable price of $9.98.




Joseph Kellner Salon Orlando, Florida 32819
Goldwell Haircolor Model 2013

Keratin Treatment For The Hair

Keratin Smoothing is a hair re-constructor and volume reducing treatment leaving the hair straight or wavy when you style. This service I recommend on all my clients who have curly and wavy hair. It cuts down the blow drying time you have to do each and every day!  This service can be done on any type of colored treated hair. The process for each customer will take close to two hours. And the hair cannot be shampooed for 72 hours after the completion of the service. This will leave the hair smoother, and more manageable. This is not a hair straightener, but a smoothing process to help you manage the hair when styling.  Hair color services are recommended after the keratin service. Please go to our keratin page to seek answers to any and all of your questions you may have about this service. I highly recommend this service in my salon. Keratin treatments normally last 5 - 7 months and retouch is all that is needed at the following service!

IMG0489copy.jpg Joseph Kellner Hair color Blog!

Joseph Kellner Salon Orlando, Florida 32819
Goldwell Haircolor Model 2010

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Makeup and hair color go hand in hand. If you change your hair color you should change your makeup. Knowing seasonal hair colors and makeup is important for the client and knowing how to change this after a hair color service. Keeping the same hair color throughout the year can be very boring as well as the same makeup colors. When making a hair color change you must change the makeup. If you have any questions during your salon visit, please ask! I have published my first book, 'If Looks Could Thrill". This is a book on hair color, hair care, and make up advice for the consumer. Just basically a book of tips, I have compiled on beauty since my start in the cosmetic industry. The book is available on and also in paper-back. Don't forget to order your copy now! Joseph Kellner Makeup Advice Blog!







Joseph Kellner Salon Orlando, Florida 32819
Goldwell Haircolor Model 2013

Salon Corrective Hair color
We've all had to experiment with corrective hair color. It starts out the same for everyone. You've decided to do something drastic to your hair. You've gone from dark brown to golden blond or put tints of blue in your black hair. An hour and a half later, your hair is dry, frizzy, damaged, and a completely different color than you had imagined. This horrible fear is a reality for many women, who are often taken by surprise when they experiment with a new salon. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this. First and foremost, always take a picture of the color and style you want when you go in to get your hair done. This eliminates any communication errors that may occur and it gives the hair-dresser a better idea of what you want and whether it will work for your skin tone. If you are unhappy, immediately go back to the salon and speak with whomever is in charge and get them to fix it. After all, you deserve to be satisfied for something you paid for, especially since you are the one who has to live with it (even if it is temporary).  Read More.......

Joseph Kellner Salon Orlando, Florida 32819
Goldwell Corrective Haircolor Model 2012
Blowouts and Makeup

Do you have a Special event, Engagement, Photo-shoot or a evening out with friends? Make a appointment for a blow-out and makeup. We use all Mac makeup products for our services. This service includes Shampoo-Styling-Makeup. This does not include falsie's, the service price is $67.00 and one of my favorites to do. Just bring your black dress and we will do the rest! This service is a favorite for all models especially before a shoot, And if you are in need of a hair color appointment and would also like this service please let us know at the time of your scheduling.


Joseph Kellner Salon Orlando, Florida 32819
Goldwell Hair Color Salon

Salon Price Menu

When making a appointment at the salon, quoting of salon services in reference to hair coloring cannot be done on the telephone. Children are not allowed in the salon, nor are pets. Chemical services are not offered to children ages 12 and under.  We accept Am-ex, Discover, Visa, Master-Card for payment of salon services. If you have any questions on pricing, or coupons please go to our salon price page and read more. Thank you for considering us for your beauty needs!